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An assembly of current and former policymakers using their policy expertise to steer ongoing labor reform.

[Photo of Justin Hill]

Justin Hill

Former Missouri State Representative

Justin Hill is a businessman and former state representative from Missouri. He also served 13 years in law enforcement. During his time in the legislature, Representative Hill was a leader in right-to-work initiatives. He was instrumental in helping pass right-to-work in 2017, though the law was later overturned by a union-led referendum. He also successfully helped pass the Government Union Accountability Act – a pro worker freedom bill which was signed into law, but as soon as it took effect, an unelected judge in St. Louis struck down the law.

Justin and his family currently reside in Florida. He holds a degree in criminal justice from St. Louis Community College and a bachelor's degree in management from Bellevue University.

[Photo of Scott Plakon]

Scott Plakon

Former Florida State Representative

Former Florida State Representative Scott Plakon is a business owner who served in the Florida legislature from 2008 to 2012 and again from 2014 to 2022. During his time in the Florida House he sponsored legislation supporting right-to-work freedoms for workers including more freedom over their paychecks. Similar legislation was ultimately passed in 2023 and signed into law.

Plakon has a degree in Psychology from Stetson University.

[Photo of Heath VanNatter]

Heath VanNatter

Indiana State Representative

State Representative Heath VanNatter serves in the Indiana House as Chairman of the Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee along with serving on the Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development and Public Policy Committees. During his time in the legislature, he’s been an ardent supporter of right-to-work reforms.

A small business owner for more than 20 years, VanNatter is the owner of and operator of VanNatter Construction. He currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Indiana Builders Association and on the Board of Directors for National Association of Home Builders.

As a small business owner and local employer, VanNatter understands the struggles facing the economy and the fiscal responsibility that Indiana must continue to maintain.

State Rep. Heath VanNatter was born and raised in Howard County where he currently resides with his wife Felicia and their three children.

[Photo of Leah Vukmir]

Leah Vukmir

Former Wisconsin State Senator

Leah Vukmir is the Senior Vice President of State Affairs for National Taxpayers Union – the oldest nonpartisan taxpayer advocacy group in the United States. In March 2019, she joined NTU where she educates and lobbies state lawmakers to adopt policies that lower taxes, streamline government inefficiencies, and promote private markets. Leah draws on her 16-year experience as a state lawmaker in Wisconsin where she was on the frontlines of the education, labor and healthcare reform.

Leah first became involved as a conservative activist fighting for a stronger reading curriculum for her daughter in kindergarten. Her grassroots advocacy eventually led her to run for public office. In 2002 Leah was elected to the State Assembly, and in 2010 she was elected to the State Senate where she served two terms.

A proven conservative leader, Leah stood strong against the special interests that sieged the state Capitol in 2011 and because of her support of collective bargaining reform, Wisconsin taxpayers have seen more than $15 billion in savings. She was also instrumental in a wide variety of labor law reforms, including the repeal of prevailing wage.

Leah is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience working as a pediatric nurse practitioner and educator. Drawing on her background in health care, she became a leader on free market healthcare reform policy.

Elected to serve as assistant majority leader for the Wisconsin State Senate, Leah also served as chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee. She was also a member of the powerful budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, the Education Committee and the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

Leah’s steely spine and passion to advance conservative policies earned her the Right Wisconsin Iron Lady Award in 2014 and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Iron Lady Award in 2017. She was Wisconsin’s Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2018. Besides being State Co-Chair of TPC’s Wisconsin Leadership Council, Leah is also a State Co-Chair of Maggie’s List – the country’s leading political action committee specifically focused on electing conservative women to federal public office.

[Photo of J. Stuart Adams]

J. Stuart Adams

President of the Utah State Senate

Before being elected to the Senate, President Adams served four and a half years in the Utah House of Representatives and nine years on the Layton City Council. He is the former Chairman of the Utah Transportation Commission and Chairs the Military Installation Development Authority (MIDA).

He is a partner in the Adams Company, a real estate, construction and development firm in Kaysville. During his time in real estate, he has been named Builder of the Year by the Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association.

During his time representing the 7th District, President Adams continues to be a champion for right-to-work policies. He is honored to represent the community where he grew up and raised a family and enjoys working in his capacity as Senate President to benefit all of the great State of Utah.

President Adams earned a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Utah in business finance. He currently resides in Layton, where he and his wife, Susan, raised their four children. Today they are the proud grandparents to 16 grandchildren.

[Photo of Greg Vital]

Greg Vital

Tennessee State Representative

Greg Vital serves as State Representative in Tennessee for district 29. During the 2023 legislative session, Representative Vital co-sponsored bi-partisan legislation that secured Tennessee workers’ right to decide union representation through private-ballot elections in workplaces receiving taxpayer-funded state economic incentives. This bill is the first of its kind to be signed into law by any state in the country. He also supported paycheck protection which got government out of the union dues collection process in Tennessee – giving teachers more control over their own paychecks.

He is the founder and CEO of Morning Pointe Senior Living – having worked for more than 35 years in health care operations and medical real estate development. Morning Pointe Senior Living currently owns and operates more than 35 senior care and Alzheimer's care centers in five Mid-South states employing over 1,600 associates.

[Photo of Robert Onder]

Dr. Robert Onder

Former Missouri State Senator

Senator Robert (Dr. Bob) Onder, a lifelong Missourian, finished his second term in the Missouri State Senate in January 2023.

Bob received his MD from Washington University in St. Louis, and his JD from St. Louis University.

Onder has worked for labor reform, smaller government, tax reduction, and religious liberty. During his time in the senate he was the author of the Government Union Accountability Act, passed in 2018 but overturned by an activist Missouri Supreme Court and the Fairness in Public Contracting Act that banned union-only project labor agreements.

Onder worked tirelessly to cut individual and small business taxes and end the personal property tax. He passed ride-share and professional licensing deregulation. In 2018 he passed important school choice legislation. He was instrumental in the passage of the 2016 Constitutional Carry and 2019 Second Amendment Protection Act bills. He was the author of HB 1549, signed into law by Governor Matt Blunt in 2008, which was the strongest law in the country to fight illegal immigration, including outlawing sanctuary cities and “catch and release” of illegal aliens.

Bob has been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life and the NRA. He has earned 100% ratings from conservative groups such as the American Conservative Union and the NFIB.

After his legislative career, Senator Onder remained involved in politics and public policy. He was a leader in grassroots opposition to the woke agenda, leading to the passage of 2023 legislaton to protect women’s sports and ban transgender mutilation of children. He has a twice-weekly radio commentary, “Dr. Bob’s Prescription,” on the St. Louis radio station Newstalk STL.

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