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Governor DeSantis’ Paycheck Protection Reform Will Pay Dividends for Florida Teachers and Families

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Today Workers for Opportunity released the following statement regarding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ proposed reforms of teacher union practices:

Governor DeSantis is fighting for Florida teachers. This week the governor pledged to both grow and protect teacher paychecks in the sunshine state.

While promising record increases in teacher pay, the Florida governor also voiced his support for legislation that would stop unions from taking money from teachers’ paychecks, give teachers an annual choice over whether or not to pay union dues, and ensure better recordkeeping to guarantee unions actually have the support of a majority of the teachers they claim to represent.

The governor is correct that, if a majority of teachers are not paying dues, a union should be decertified and not turn into a “zombie organization.”

Governor DeSantis is not only pushing to give educators a raise but also working hard to make sure their paychecks are protected and that they have the freedom to choose who represents them.

Paycheck protection, combined with three consecutive years of increasing teacher salaries under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, distinguishes Florida as one of the freest, most rewarding states to be a teacher. As Florida’s teacher workforce grows in size and excellence, families will also benefit from seeing their children receive a robust public education that prepares them for success.

Once again Florida serves as an example for other states on how to put education and children ahead of special interest politics.

Workers For Opportunity is a project of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. WFO’s goal is to advance the liberty of employees across the country and protect their First Amendment rights by ensuring they have a full and informed choice in union membership.


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