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Tenn. House Subcommittee Takes Bold Step on Workers’ Rights

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Workers for Opportunity released the following statement today after the Tennessee House Business & Utilities Subcommittee passed HB 1342, which would secure employees’ right to secret-ballot union elections in workplaces that hereafter accept state economic incentives:

Building upon the success of Tennessee’s historic right-to-work constitutional amendment, state leaders are now taking a stand for workers’ right to secret-ballot elections. By sponsoring HB 1342, House Speaker Cameron Sexton tackles union intimidation head on. He addresses the reality, that even with right-to-work protections in place, Tennessee workers still encounter union coercion and intimidation.

The union organizing method known as card check allows workers to be coerced into union representation whether they want it or not. It subjects Tennessee workers to public pressure on the job and private pressure through calls to their personal cell phones or visits to their homes. Card check is inappropriate, particularly in workplaces where employers benefit from taxpayer-funded state economic incentives.

Tennessee taxpayers should never fund union coercion.

Just like Tennessee voters enjoy the right to privacy at the ballot box, Tennessee workers deserve to make decisions about unionization through a secret ballot. This bill would ensure that, in the future, the right to a private ballot would be protected in workplaces that receive state economic incentives.

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