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Workers for Opportunity & Georgia Public Policy Foundation Applaud Georgia Senate for Advancing Worker Freedom

ATLANTA, GA —Workers for Opportunity and the Georgia Public Policy Foundation applaud the Georgia State Senate for passing SB 362 – a bill that will protect workers’ right to privacy in union elections.

The legislation from Governor Brian Kemp protects certain workers’ right to a secret ballot free from intimidation and coercion in union organizing elections. Companies that take taxpayer funded state economic incentive dollars would be legally required to protect their employees and ensure a private ballot in union organizing elections.

“In Georgia and as Americans, we believe that everyone has the right to work free from intimidation, and that decisions about who we choose to represent us – whether public officials or within the workplace – deserve to be made privately without others knowing our selection,” said Chris Denson, Director of Policy and Research at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation “It’s about sanctity of the ballot box and the right to privacy.”

“Thanks to the leadership of the Kemp administration, alongside bill sponsor Sen. Mike Hodges and many others, Georgia is poised to become just the second state in the country to implement a law that protects workers’ right to a private vote for companies that receive taxpayer incentives,” said Vincent Vernuccio, Labor Policy Senior Fellow at Workers for Opportunity.

Next, this pro-freedom and pro-worker legislation will go before the Georgia House of Representatives for consideration.

Read more on this issue here – from Vinnie Vernuccio with Workers for Opportunity and Chris Denson with Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

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