Workers for Opportunity Supports Missouri Bill

In the wake of the 2018 Janus decision by the United States Supreme Court, several states across the country, including Missouri, have been working to come into line with the decision. One of the bills in Missouri, SB 701, would ensure that public employees are informed of their First Amendment right to pay (or not pay) union dues or fees.

Earlier this month, Workers for Opportunity’s Michael Reitz invited Mark Janus to come testify on the bill, speak to State Senate and House members, as well as members of the governor’s staff. This was part of an effort to show support for properly implemented Janus rights for public employees.

In their testimony, Reitz and Janus spoke about the importance of the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v AFSCME as well as how these rights could be affirmed through bills like SB701. The bill would codify the process by which an employee can exercise their rights to opt out and affirms that they may opt out at any time. It also guarantees that employers have the required proof that an employee wants dues deducted before taking that money out of their paycheck.

Even though the Supreme Court affirmed workers rights to opt out, the fight must continue in the states to ensure that these rights are being enforced. 

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