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Workers for Opportunity Supports Worker’s Choice Act

WASHINGTON – Legislation was introduced Monday in the U.S. House of Representatives that would allow private sector employees in unionized workplaces to independently negotiate with their employer. The Worker’s Choice Act, introduced by Reps. Dusty Johnson of South Dakota, Greg Murphy of North Carolina, and Phil Roe of Tennessee, gives unionized employees the full freedom to decide if they want union representation or not. Even in right-to-work states, where unions can't get workers fired for not paying them, unionized employees are forced to accept union representation whether they want it or not. Allowing unionized workers to represent themselves if they leave the union is even supported by almost 70% of union members.

“The Worker’s Choice Act creates a fairer system for everyone,” said Workers for Opportunity’s Vinnie Vernuccio. “Worker’s Choice gives employees the ability to say no thanks to unwanted representation and unions the ability to say goodbye to workers that do not want to pay dues.”

Vernuccio, who has been studying the concept of Worker’s Choice for years, is available for comment on this key advancement for worker rights. If you’d like to set up an interview, please contact Kim McIntyre at

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